Marketing in a Connected World

Course Description: The internet provides new forms of engagement by connecting individuals, devices, and organizations. This presents great opportunities and challenges for marketers and consumers. This course examines the technologies, practices, and implications of the emerging data-driven marketing environment. Through hands-on experiences and critical engagement, students will gain understanding over a range of digital marketing and advertising activities while investigating the technical systems and techniques that support this fast-changing industry. Topics explored include: social media marketing and advertising, persuasion, personal data collection, social listening, online ad-buying and publishing, networks and internet infrastructure, algorithms, predictive analytics, and ad-supported business models. In addition to focusing on systems and technologies, students will engage with marketing ethics, consumer privacy, and public policy issues. Students are not expected to have any prior experience with the technologies covered in this course.

Communication Studies 404
College of Literature, Science, & the Arts
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
(spring 2015)


Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media I

Course Description: Over two sequential semesters, Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media I and II explore the basic fundamentals of the development of knowledge, theories, evidence, and the collection of data in both social science and analytic media research. The first course (I) explores the tools offered by both traditions for studying media texts.

Communication Studies 121
College of Literature, Science, & the Arts
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
(winter 2014, fall 2013)


Introduction to Digital Media

Course Description: Using the context of web-based applications, mobile applications, online video, social media, and gaming, this course covers topics fundamental to understanding new media forms. These include an introduction to the operation of the Web, the Internet, Web development, search engines, digital media formats, online media distribution platforms and networks, online audiences, scripting, and user interface design. This class is intended as a first course in digital media for those interested in both the practical skills and the critical intellectual foundations relevant to the Internet and new media.

Media Studies 199 / Advertising 199 / Journalism 199 (cross-listed)
College of Media
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
(spring 2012)